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Unified Product Distribution is based in Atlanta, GA, and various chaptered offices throughout the world, distributing media in the form of film, tv, video, music, and technology globally to hundreds of countries and over 240 territories.


As a distribution partner focused on premium content, UPD offers filmmakers, TV producers, musicians, artists, and independent labels/studios unique pathways to reach large audiences through traditional distribution models and direct to consumer technology through a “homes and phones” recipe of mobile, live streaming, content licensing and digital delivery.


We specialize in monetization via in-house marketing, advertising, development, business affairs, merchandising, content, and digital fulfillment. This includes both, developing and recognized established platforms/outlets.



Our ever-growing data pool of audiences allows us to match content to targeted specific segments that have identified interests. Thereby, arming our clients with the ability to garner sniper-like results in the domestic and international streaming economy.



We Make Media Move.

“Making Independents Major Since 2006”

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